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The City of St Albert's Business Licence Bylaw has specific regulations for the Vehicle for Hire industry. These regulations were created to increase safety and consumer confidence in the Vehicle for Hire industry in St. Albert. New Vehicle for Hire businesses must submit a Vehicle for Hire Application Form to the Business Licensing Department.

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The new regulations set safety-based standards for all Vehicle for Hire businesses operating in St. Albert. A valid Business Licence is the document that shows a Vehicle for Hire Business complies with these regulations.

Required Documents

Compliance with the new regulations requires that all Vehicle for Hire businesses submit the following documents to the Business Licensing department when they apply for a Business Licence, and each year when they renew their Business Licence:

Police Information Checks for all Drivers Employed/Contracted by a Business

  • Must be obtained from the local Police Agency (EPS, RCMP, etc.)
  • Must be dated within 90 days of the Licence application/renewal
  • Licences will not be issued to businesses that employ drivers convicted of certain offences (consult the Business Licence Bylaw for details).

Valid Class 1, 2 or 4 Drivers Licence for Drivers

  • Must be current (i.e., not expired)
  • Must be minimum Class 4 (Classes 1 and 2 are also acceptable)
  • Scan/Copy must include front of the Licence

Valid Commercial Registration/Insurance for Vehicles

Annual Mechanical Safety Inspections for Vehicles

  • Must be completed & signed by an AMVIC certified mechanic
  • Must be dated to within 90 days of the Licence application/renewal
  • Must be a "point-form" inspection that declares whether or not the vehicle is "road-worthy" or "safe" (consult the Business Licence Bylaw for details)

All of the above documents can be submitted in person to the Business Licensing Department, by electronic file transfer (scans of the documents submitted by USB drive, online file transfer method, etc.), or by sending scans of the documents to

Transportation Network Companies

Certified Transportation Network Companies must provide proof of a Provincial "TNC Certificate of Approval" in addition to an agreement on the application form that the City of St. Albert may audit driver records. Certified Transportation Network Companies are not required to submit the other required documents to the Business Licensing Department (consult the Business Licence Bylaw for details).

Enforcement Policy

Business Owners/Administrators

  • Businesses must maintain copies of all the required documents at all times; the City can audit a Vehicle for Hire business at any time to ensure compliance with the Bylaw.
  • It is highly recommended that you provide Business Licensing with updated records as they become available (e.g., new drivers, new vehicles, etc.).


  • Drivers/Operators must keep copies of the following in their vehicles at all times: Driver's Licence, Vehicle Registration, most recent Vehicle Inspection Report, Commercial Insurance Policy, and most recent Vulnerable Sector Check.
  • Drivers/Operators can be fined $250.00 if they are not able to produce the above documents to a Peace Officer on request

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