Policing Services Building Renovations

About the Project

The project will include the expansion and renovation of Maloney Place (96 Bellerose Drive) and renovation of Beaudry Place (#10, 50 Bellerose Drive) which are both used by Policing Services (RCMP and Municipal Enforcement Services). 

These improvements will help with additional personnel needs as well as provide new and updated spaces. 

Tendering for the construction work will occur when design is completed and scheduled for 2023.

Work required: 

  • Expansion of Maloney Place will create additional office and police spaces including a washroom/employee locker room and a second-floor addition.
  • Renovations at both buildings will change the office layout to assist with ergonomics, accessibility and customer service.


  • July 2022 to February 2023: Design
  • April to September of 2023: Construction

Interactive Map

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Last edited: June 24, 2022