Servus Credit Union Place and Landrex Water Play Centre Maintenance

The Project

Servus Place will be undergoing major infrastructure work, maintenance and upgrades this summer. Upgrades started two weeks ahead of schedule on May 10. The Landrex Water Play Centre reopens on September 7 and facility-wide infrastructure repair, maintenance and replacement will be complete mid-August. Environmental upgrades could run to end of August, but will not have any impact on facility operation.

Multiple projects were combined into this closure to minimize future impacts to the facility.

The work includes:

Landrex Water Play Centre:

  • The water filtration system will be replaced.
  • Structural repairs to the sauna and water slide
  • Painting the ceiling and support beams
  • Locker replacements
  • New play features
  • Tiling and grout repair, and extensive cleaning. 

Servus Credit Union Place - Facility wide:

  • Extensive roof work including the installation of solar arrays. The solar array will generate 20 per cent of the annual energy consumption of Servus Place.
  • Lighting upgrades to LED lights throughout the facility.
  • Annual mechanical, electrical and structural work

The maintenance and upgrades to Servus Place and Landrex Water Play Centre will help with energy efficiency, cost saving and extending the life of the facility.

Project Timeline

Updated: May 10 - September 6, 2021.

How does this impact me?

  • Landrex Water Play Centre will be closed for the duration of the project.
    • During the closure, other outdoor aquatics facilities will be available for public use, including Grosvenor Outdoor Pool, Woodlands Water Play Park and Fountain Park Recreation Centre.
  • There will be minimal noise and construction activity in Servus Place 
  • Registered programs will see little impact as most programs are based in other City recreation centres.

Why didn’t this happen during the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown?

The planning for major infrastructure work required at Landrex Water Play Centre takes years to plan, including an approved budget and up to six months for equipment and materials to arrive.  

The planning started two years ago and the annual budget approval for this project came in late 2020. 

Interactive Map

Check out the City’s interactive Construction Projects Map that outlines the construction projects planned for this year!

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Last edited: August 16, 2021