Kingswood Disc Golf Course

About the Project

Kingswood Park is situated across from Riverlot 56 in east St. Albert and was ranked the most-preferred location through public engagement for a future permanent disc golf course.

Near the Sturgeon River and forested areas, Kingwood Park’s spacious layout, long curved trails and abundant seating areas provide an ideal location for a permanent disc golf course.

The design for the Kingswood disc golf course is currently under development, but will include:

  • A seasonal, permanent disc golf course
  • Concrete tee pads and baskets


Disc golf is a growing sport, both regionally and nationally. Played like golf in rounds of 9- or 18-holes and scored based on a par system, the sport is inexpensive to play and requires limited infrastructure – a tee box or otherwise defined starting area and specialty disc golf baskets. Disc golf courses are found regionally with several courses in the greater Edmonton area.

A temporary disc golf course was established in Langholm Park in 2020. After two successful seasons of play, and after undertaking a Feasibility Study, Kingswood Park was determined as the preferred location for a permanent course.

The conclusions from the study and public engagement were presented to City Council in September 2021 with a motion to fund a permanent disc golf course. The design and construction of the Kingswood Park disc golf course are scheduled to occur in the summer of 2022. 


Please note: Timelines are approximate, weather-dependent, and will be updated when new information becomes available.

Status: In Progress

  • Course Design: Anticipated completion July 2022
  • Course Construction: *Anticipated completion August 2022  

*Note: Construction will be taking place in Kingswood Park at various locations with a small portion of the parking lot being inaccessible during construction.

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