Red Willow Park West - Grey Nuns White Spruce Park Construction

park closed - Construction Notice 

Until fall 2022, the Grey Nuns White Spruce Park is closed due to construction. Do not enter the park during this time as there are safety hazards throughout the park. Construction activities are ongoing and may be intermittent depending on weather and ground conditions.

about the project

The City of St. Albert is constructing new amenities within the Grey Nuns White Spruce Park (GNWSP) that will protect the park and forest for the long-term, and maintain accessibility for everyone to explore, gather, and learn more about the area.

Planning and design for the GNWSP construction is complete and includes:

  • Improved access to help minimize foot traffic disturbance in the park through a multi-use trail network, which includes defined pathways into the forest.
  • Addition of outdoor classrooms, natural play area, wetland lookouts, and a picnic area and shelter.
  • Installation of more park amenities including bike racks, benches, wayfinding signage, waste receptacles, and portable toilets.
  • Landscaping and tree and shrub planting

The City of St. Albert is committed to protecting the forest and supporting its ongoing sustainability. It is a priority for the City to minimize impact to the forest during construction, so existing disturbed areas will be used to create the trails and park amenities.

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The GNWSP is located along the east side of Ray Gibbon Drive and on the north side of the Sturgeon River, south of the Riverside neighborhood. This construction project is part of the Red Willow Park West development, which has 3 phases that will ultimately connect residents from Ray Gibbon Drive to the downtown core and the existing Red Willow Trail System.      

Phase 1 (Current Phase)

  • Establish trails and pathways within the GNWSP. 

Phase 2 (In Design)

  • Will connect Phase 1 to the downtown core and the existing Red Willow Trail network. 

Phase 3 (Planned)

  • Will create a new parking lot and access point for residents in the Riverside development.  

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Please Note: Timelines are approximate and weather dependent. They will be updated when new information becomes available.

  • October 1 - mid-November 2021: There will be limited access to the park. Follow posted signage and keep out of closed areas.
  • Mid-November 2021 - fall 2022: There will be a full closure to the area.  Do not enter the park during this time.

interactive map 

Check out the City’s interactive Construction Projects Map that outlines the construction projects planned for this year! 

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Last edited: May 2, 2022