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About The Project

Ville Giroux is a new community in northwest St. Albert, envisioned with a combination of commercial, mixed-use and residential developments. The community is designed with high walkability and includes a substantial centrally-located commercial area to support the day-to-day needs of residents.

The development of the Ville Giroux neighbourhood is directed by the Ville Giroux Area Structure Plan (ASP), approved in 2012 and amended in 2013. The ASP includes a total of 30 hectares, with a combination of parks, open spaces and trails alongside commercial and residential development. The Ville Giroux neighbourhood is projected to house 1,409 people when fully built out.

Planning and design for Versailles Park is now complete and includes:

  • An outer ring of trails will provide a continuous system that connects directly to the neighbourhood trails and to Lacombe Lake Park;
  • A large, flat central open space will encourage spontaneous use and small neighbourhood events, as well as grassed berms surrounding the open space will create opportunities for sledding and rolling down hills;
  • A playground will provide play elements and interactive play for children;
  • A small water play feature will allow children to interact with water play like splashing, floating boats and cooling off in the summer sun;
  • Landscape elements, such as tree and shrub planting, will complete the park space.

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In 2020, the City approved the Ville Giroux Park Master Plan, which includes four neighbourhood parks: Versailles and Vandelor to the east, and two additional unnamed neighbourhood parks in the west. Versailles Park is the next park scheduled for construction in the Ville Giroux neighbourhood.

The City is working in conjunction with the developer of the Ville Giroux neighbourhood to complete both developer requirements and City enhancements to Versailles Park in 2021.

To view the planning and participation that took place involving this project, visit the Ville Giroux Parks Planning page.


Please note: timelines are approximate and weather dependent. Timelines will be updated as new information becomes available.

Status: Ongoing

  • Site grading (developer): June to July construction
  • Hard surfaces (developer): June to July construction
  • Landscaping (developer): June to July construction
  • Playground (City): July to August construction
  • Water Play Feature (City): September to October construction

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