Neil Ross Road Functional Study

The City of St. Albert, in collaboration with Sturgeon County, has completed a functional planning study for the extension of Neil Ross Road to the potential 127 Street alignment. Associated Engineering, in partnership with Stantec Consulting Ltd. and Thurber Engineering were retained to investigate, analyze and prepare a preferred roadway alignment. 

In the development of a preferred roadway alignment, the study considered existing/approved plans and infrastructure, potential annexation, environmental and geotechnical opportunities and constraints, stormwater management, traffic analysis and stakeholder/landowner input. The study supports and reflects the principles of the City of St. Albert Transportation Master Plan and aligns with the Transportation Network Improvement Strategy (a joint venture between St. Albert and Sturgeon County). 

Once constructed, Neil Ross Road will form an integral part of the City and sub-regional transportation network enabling growth and development in the northeast quadrant of the City, supporting regional connectivity and the expected long-term traffic demands.

The preferred alignment will be incorporated and protected through subsequent phases of land use planning. While timelines may change, construction is currently anticipated to occur within the 10-year Capital Plan but beyond the five-year horizon.

View the Neil Ross Road Functional Alignment Study

Last edited: March 29, 2023