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City of St.Albert
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Pedestrian Crossing Improvements

About the Project

Enhancing pedestrian safety is a priority for the City. The objective is to increase driver awareness of when they are approaching a pedestrian crossing, or when a pedestrian is on site and using the crossing.

Key actions to make the pedestrians and pedestrian crossing areas more visible:

  • Re-engineering crossing locations
  • Using enhanced road-markings and/or warning signals
  • Educating and influencing driver and pedestrian behaviour to be aware and use safe actions

With approximately 350 pedestrian crossing locations targeted for upgrades, the City is prioritizing completion of improvements through the criteria such as:

  • Adjacent land use (school, playground, commercial area)
  • Type of roadway (arterial, collector, local – which accounts for traffic volume)
  • Road speed (posted speed limit as well as recorded operating speeds)
  • Transit/School bus stop proximity
  • Collision data
  • Reported public concerns
  • Alignment for completion within the City’s Capital Projects

Projects/Actions aligned with this program are:

Neighbourhood Traffic Calming

  • Erin Ridge and Erin Ridge North – Final locations and details have yet to be finalized; however, the focus on pedestrian safety will include enhanced crossing locations, road-markings and warning beacons. 
  • Grandin (vicinity of Grosvenor Boulevard at Grenfell Avenue intersection) – Design has yet to be finalized; however, a focus will be placed on improvements to the trail crossing before the intersections (south and west), as well as at the Grosvenor and Grenfell intersection.

Safe Journeys to School

  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
    • Sir Winston Churchill Avenue between Bishop Street and Fairview Boulevard
    • Sunset Boulevard at Vital Grandin School
    • Mission Avenue at École Father Jan
    • Fairview Boulevard at Lorne Akins School
    • Larose Drive at WD Cuts School
  • Pedestrian Curb Extensions
    • Pedestrian Crossings along Akins Drive
      • Alpine Boulevard (south)
      • Arbor Crescent (south)
      • Arlington Drive
      • Elmer Gish school crossing
      • Arbor Crescent (north)
      • Alpine Boulevard (north)
      • Andrew Crescent
      • Aspen Crescent
      • Alpine Park Rink
      • Amber Crescent
    • Pedestrian Crossings along Woodlands Road
      • Wakefield Boulevard
      • Westwood Drive
      • Woodcrest Avenue
      • Willoughby Drive
    • Pedestrian Crossing along Forest Drive
      • Forest Lawn
    • Pedestrian Crossings along Heritage Drive
      • Hardcastle Place
      • Hamilton Crescent
      • Holly Place
    • Pedestrian Crossings along Inglewood Drive
      • Inglewood Drive (west) and Inglewood Drive (south)

Arterial Pedestrian Crossings

  • Signalized Pedestrian Crossings
    • Advance Pedestrian Indication – At locations that are not in conflict with advance left turn arrows for vehicles, an Advanced Pedestrian Indication may be implemented. Vehicles would continue to have a red light, while pedestrian movement is allowed. The objective to is have the pedestrian move first to become visible to the driver and clear a small portion of the crossing.
      • Locations have yet to be determined and are under review.
    • Pedestrian “Scramble” Phasing – This phasing separates pedestrian and vehicle movement completely. Pedestrians have a set amount of time to cross the roadway, while all vehicle movement is held. Pedestrians are then held and are not allowed to cross while vehicle movements are allowed.
      • 2017 Pilot Location: intersection of Perron Street and St. Anne Street (downtown).
    • Overhead Warning Flashers – Where warranted, these will be used to improve driver awareness of pedestrian crossings and pedestrian presence. Locations are under review and will be prioritized according to criteria listed above.


Dates and locations may be subject to change pending final design, budget and weather conditions. 

Interactive Map

See what construction is planned for your neighbourhood with the interactive Construction Projects Map. Zoom in to projects that are located near your home, work or on a specific route, and then follow a link to more information. 

Launch Map 

For More Information

Construction Help Desk

Open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Inquiries will be answered within two business days.

Last edited: August 29, 2017

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