Road Treatments

The City of St. Albert and its residents rely on a well-maintained transportation network for economic activity, access to services and residential commutes. Each day, the wear and tear of traffic and weather affect our roads. To maintain our roadways, the City of St. Albert uses a variety of programs to target that wear and tear, and selects appropriate treatments to extend the network’s life and maintain its quality. It’s all about Preserve, Restore, Rehab, with Evaluation and Repairs throughout. The City constantly adjusts and evaluates these road treatments, so they are used at the appropriate time to maximize budget and minimize disruption to users.

A graph of repair types by road condition
A graph of repair types by road condition

How does the City decide what roads to fix?

  • Each year, the City gathers a variety of information on a third of the road network within St. Albert. These measurements give the City insight into the ride condition, surface distress, and structural adequacy of the road.
  • The measurements are evaluated together to determine the road’s current quality and where it is in its lifecycle.
  • Using this quality information, Engineering selects the appropriate treatments that will further maximize the road’s life and limit the total cost.
  • The resulting list of road candidates and treatments is shared within the City to ensure coordination, where possible, of projects to minimize impacts to users.

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Last edited: March 29, 2023