Fibre Optic Installation

About the Project

Starting in 2024 and continuing into 2025, Fibre Connect will be installing a fibre optic network to many of those areas of St. Albert that did not have fibre optic installation as part of previous initiatives.

Fibre Connect will subcontract the work to Ledcor Technical Services (LTS). Fibre Connect will own the network and intends to lease network capacity to a telecommunication firm, which will offer fibre services to interested customers in St. Albert.

Utiliy Right of Way

The majority of construction will take place on public boulevards and utility rights-of-way.

A portion of your yard is made up of a 'utility right of way.' This is an easement of private land that allows the City and utility companies access to buried utilities.

Utility Right of Way


Individual residents and businesses will decide if they would like Fibre Connect to install the fibre optic connection from the property line to their home or business. Any installation or restoration work on private property involves an agreement between the homeowner / business owner and Fibre Connect.

The installer will complete these restorations as part of the installation. Since this work will be completed by the installer, there is no requirement for residents or businesses to contact the City of St. Albert. Also, the City is not involved in any disputes about deficiencies in remediation on private property. 

Once installation is complete, homeowners and businesses, if they wish, will have the opportunity to purchase fibre optic services from telecommunications firms leasing space on the network.

Next Steps

The specific areas where Fibre Connect will be working are currently being finalized. Once plans are confirmed, Fibre Connect will issue Installation Notices to homeowners and businesses in the designated areas. Following these notices, Fibre Connect's representatives will be going door-to-door to obtain consent to install a fibre-optic line from the main network to their homes and businesses.


If you have any questions regarding construction, restoration or installation, please contact Ledcor Technical Services at 780-666-7565.

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Last edited: June 13, 2024