Beautification Program

The Power of Beautiful Places

Through a grant program offered for local businesses, you could be eligible for up to $2,500 in matching funds towards expenses that beautify your premises!

St. Albert Brand - The Botanical Arts City

In February 2010, City Council officially endorsed the city brand “The Botanical Arts City.” The brand invites you to “Cultivate Life” in St. Albert. The commercial area beautification program will provide you with a financial incentive to “Cultivate Your Business” in St. Albert.

Flower bed.Studies have shown that beautification alone can increase sales between 15% and 35%. Merchants should think of the sidewalks fronting their shops as extensions of their window displays, or as entry halls to their stores. Beautiful settings attract people. Adding flowers, trees and outdoor furnishings to a shopping district makes it more inviting and encourages patrons to stay longer.

Program Elements

Perpendicular Signage

Signs placed perpendicular to the building allow drivers and pedestrians to read them easily, even from a distance. Perpendicular (blade) signs are seen ten times more frequently than façade-mounted signs. When walking down a street, face-mounted signs are less notable and are usually first noted when a person is positioned directly in front of the business. When driving, the sign may not be noted at all. Blade signs should be decorative and should fit the architecture of your building, reflect the nature of your business, and the ambience of the city. Applicable to Perron District only.

Bike RacksBike Racks

The City of St. Albert invites you to "Cultivate Life” by installing an artistic bike rack in the front or the back of your business. Please note: your bike rack design must be pre-approved. Please contact Economic Development for more information.

Summer & Winter Beautification

This aspect of the program includes botanical improvements to your place of business. Summer beautification may be in the form of a planter, a hanging basket or a garden area. Pre-approval of a botanical beautification idea is required if it is not a planter, hanging basket or a garden area, see below contact information.

Use your imagination and beautify your business for winter. Planters and baskets of greens, an ice sculpture, a botanic dress or additional lighting will all qualify for the winter beautification program. Your winter beautification must be in place for a minimum period of three months. Therefore it should not be a Christmas-specific element.

All botanical ideas not outlined here will be entertained for this grant program submit your idea to prior to submitting your application. To receive your 50% refund, you must submit a copy of the completed application form, all receipts and a photo of your beautification.

Street Furniture

Street furniture adds to the ambience of an area and encourages people to stay longer. Street furniture that reinforces the botanical arts brand will be considered for the program. Pre-approval of this element will be required.

Flower Planters

Flower planters may be ordered from the supplier of your choice and can contain any plant selections that you desire. Petunias are recommended because they grow quickly, are available in a variety of vibrant colours, and are effusive bloomers. The petunia is also the official flower of St. Albert.


Would you like to see more beautification in your business area? If so, then the adopt-a-barrel program is for you. Purchase a barrel for one of your neighbours and a note will be sent to that business indicating that a barrel has been purchased for them by you. Any barrels purchased through the adopt-a-barrel program are eligible for the cost-sharing but are not considered part of your own business’ $2500 per element limit. The Adopt-a-Barrel program is limited to $1,000 per year for the adopting business.

Ordering Your Beautification

All beautification may be ordered from the supplier of your choice, or you can choose to create your own planters. All components of the planter (e.g. soil, pot, plants, etc.) are eligible as long as a receipt is provided.


Any storefront business within the City that has a valid business license is eligible for the Beautification Program. Home-based businesses do not qualify.

If your business has reached the maximum allowable grant in any element ($2,500), you will only be able to access up to a maximum of $500 per element in each additional calendar year.

Application Process

Flower be outside a storeThe beautification program grant has limited annual funds available. Applications will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. All submissions must come with receipts for elements purchased, and therefore this grant is for reimbursable expenses that take place within the calendar year. The program is grant-based, with each merchant being able to apply for funding up to 50% of the cost of approved program elements, up to a maximum of $2500 per element. 

A business may submit multiple applications; however, the applications will be processed in the order in which they are received. The beautification program is managed cooperatively through Economic Development and the Planning & Development Department of the City of St. Albert.

Permits will be required for perpendicular signs, street furniture and bike racks. Any questions regarding permits should be directed to Planning & Development at 780-459-1642. Bike rack designs should be sent to

Beautification Program Application

If you would prefer a hard copy or require additional information about the program, please contact Amanda MacDonald at

If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Economic Development at 780-459-1631 or

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Last edited: February 22, 2022