Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan Implementation

The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) was approved by Council on August 16, 2010. The City continues to undertake various initiatives and projects to implement the DARP. 

Upcoming Projects

Downtown Redevelopment Implementation Strategy

An implementation strategy takes a plan (in this case, the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan), and provides a roadmap for how to put it into action. This Implementation Strategy is an opportunity to be proactive in shaping the redevelopment of downtown. Since 2010, the City has implemented elements of DARP, including specific capital projects, operational projects, and studies. Originally approved in 2011, the Downtown Redevelopment Implementation Strategy is currently being updated. This document is intended to build upon the work already completed and provide comprehensive strategies to guide the revitalization of the downtown.

Fiscal Impact Analysis

The Downtown Fiscal Impact Analysis (FIA) provides a strong foundation for assessing future development downtown as it relates to expenditures and revenues. The analysis considers tax assessment, capital projects, municipal servicing, asset management and maintenance, and soft services like fire, policing, and recreation per capita. The Fiscal Impact Analysis, along with stakeholder input and other studies, will help inform the Downtown Redevelopment Implementation Strategy.

Parking Strategy

The City is currently working on a Downtown Parking Strategy. The strategy will provide short-term and long-term strategies to manage the parking we currently have downtown and to accommodate additional parking needs as the Downtown grows. This strategy will incorporate stakeholder input, best practices research, and the data and recommendations found within the Downtown Parking Management Technical Study. The Downtown Parking Strategy will inform the Downtown Redevelopment Implementation Strategy. 

Completed Projects

Land Use Bylaw Amendments

In 2012, Council approved the Downtown (DT) District as an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw (9/2005).  This new district was developed to implement the land-use policies of the DARP.  The focus of the Downtown (DT) District was to allow higher density built from within the Perron and Gateway Character Areas. Several residential land parcels within the Perron Character Area remained Downtown Residential. Downtown (DT) District regulations apply to new development or re-development where the district is in place. 

Future work includes a proposal to incorporate the Millennium Heights and Riverfront Character Areas into the Downtown (DT) District.

Urban Design Review

Urban Design Guidelines and the Urban Design Review process were developed to work alongside regulations within the new Downtown (DT) Land Use District. Development permit applications within the Downtown (DT) District that meet certain criteria will undergo an Urban Design Review. Applications will be assessed based on how well they accommodate the Urban Design Guidelines, approved by Council in 2014. The Urban Design Review may be used to inform changes to the development permit application before approval. The Design Review is conducted by an independent consultant hired by the City on an as-needed basis.


Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP)

Downtown (DT) Land Use Bylaw District

Schedule A - Land Use Bylaw (5/2009)

Schedule F - DT Building Heights

Urban Design Guidelines

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