Downtown Parking Study

Assessing Short and Long-Term Parking Needs

The City of St. Albert has completed a draft Downtown Parking Management Technical Study that will inform the development of a Parking Strategy Work Program. The study and work program are part of the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) and will be used to help develop appropriate downtown parking regulations, parking management strategies, and guide future parkade development.

The DARP Parking Management Technical Study has the following objectives:

  • To assess the supply of and demand for short- and long-term parking within downtown St. Albert and suggest ways to address existing gaps
  • Project future parking demand scenarios and suggest ways to address future imbalances
  • Provide a comparative review of land-use bylaw parking requirements from other municipalities of similar size
  • Provide a summary of potential parking management strategies, programs and technologies that could be implemented
  • Identify potential locations for parking garages
  • Identify triggers and technology for implementing paid parking

The Downtown Parking Management Technical Study was completed in March 2015. Work on a Downtown Parking Strategy is currently underway to provide short- and long-term strategies for downtown parking. 

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Last edited: November 10, 2019