Engineering and Landscaping Acceptance

All development within the City of St. Albert is to be designed and constructed in accordance with the Municipal Engineering Standards. The distinction between private property and public property is irrelevant to the adherence to the Municipal Engineering Standards.

No variance from the Municipal Engineering Standards shall be permitted unless written approval of the City Engineer is obtained.

A written request for a variance to the Municipal Engineering Standards must be submitted to the City Engineer for review. A written request for a variance will be reviewed during the winter months between active construction seasons. As such, a request received in the current calendar year will be considered for implementation into the following calendar year. The City of St. Albert Field Inspectors will reject installations that do not adhere to the Municipal Engineering Standards.

Engineering Services manages the review process for land development applications. This process identifies all municipal infrastructure requirements associated with roads, utilities, storm drainage and landscaping. This branch also provides comprehensive reviews of engineering drawing submissions.

Please review the following information to ensure you submit a complete application and the timely review of your application.

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Last edited: November 15, 2019