Capital Projects Office

Established in August 2004, the Capital Projects Office (CPO) is responsible for planning, budgeting and managing major capital projects from the initial concept phase, through the design and construction to the end of the project. These projects include all new construction and major renovations to the City's roadways, utilities, buildings and recreational parks and facilities.

The CPO ensures all capital projects are thoroughly planned out and completed successfully on time and on budget. The Office is responsible for short and long-term strategic planning, budgeting, cost estimating, tendering and construction strategies, project implementation and monitoring and finishing the project.

The City of St. Albert's CPO aspires to be the leader of municipal project management. The Office's core values are respect, honesty, integrity, hard work practices and a passion for continual improvement.

The CPO aims to:

  • Provide the most adaptable and efficient form of project management to minimize risk and cost to the City and its residents;
  • Maximize the benefits of each and every project;
  • Encourage and include the active participation of residents throughout the project life;
  • Make the City the number one employer of choice - even during economic boom periods;
  • Inspire and obtain top quality work from all project participants.

Key Capital Projects

Project Prioritization Process

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