Parkland is intended for the use and enjoyment of everyone. When private property owners restrict access to park or use portions of park for personal use, they may be in contravention of the Municipal Government Act and the City's Land Use and Traffic Bylaws.

Maintaining our Parkland is very important to the City and its residents. The City will not enter into an Encroachment Agreement for Parkland. All encroachments into Parkland must be removed and the area remediated to the satisfaction of the City.

Property owners who back on to naturalized areas or the City's ravines may not feel their encroachment adversely affects people's use of Parkland. These encroachments affect Parkland differently. They can erode the soil and cause soil and slope instability, as well as destroy natural areas which results in loss of wildlife habitat and loss of naturalized areas. Fences, vegetation or other natural materials used or grown in such a manner to act as a natural barrier, enclosure or to provide exclusive use or enjoyment on Parkland must be removed.

Encroachment Examples within Parkland

Parkland Image 1  Parkland Image 2  Parkland Image 3

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Last edited: November 13, 2019