Engineering Standards

The City of St. Albert, in conjunction with representatives from the Urban Development Institute and local stakeholders recently completed a thorough update to the Municipal Engineering Standards.

These standards are comprised of the minimum technical standards that must be met when developing lands in St. Albert. The technical standards provide detailed specifications and requirements for the design and construction of infrastructure the City will become responsible for including critical infrastructure items such as roads, sidewalks, underground utilities, lift stations and reservoirs.

The 2021 Municipal Engineering Standards document meets regulatory requirements, recognizes new technology and/or products, and better protects the City’s short and long-term interests in the areas of the environment, safety and overall lifespan of the infrastructure.  The Standards provide detailed specifications and requirements for the design, materials and construction relating to all work in the City of St. Albert including road construction, land development, underground utilities and landscaping.

An Excel spreadsheet has been provided to complete the LOC calculation for Development Agreements.


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Last edited: July 22, 2021