Active Transportation Plan

Active Transportation Development Strategy and Gaps Assessment

Aligned to overarching City plans and guidelines such as the Municipal Development PlanTransportation Master PlanTransportation Safety Plan, and Complete Streets Guidelines; a vision for St Albert’s active transportation network is one that is planned and designed to create a safe, connected, inclusive, accessible and affordable network for walking and bicycling by people of all ages and abilities.

In the past, Active Transportation has been incorporated as a section within the Transportation Master Plan (TMP), incorporating feedback from stakeholders and residents with a general network review to formulate a high-level, long-term network concept to accommodate walking and cycling.  The output of this work aligned to finalizing the strategic framework of the TMP and documented a proposed concept of various facility types. Following completion of the 2014 TMP update, a need was identified to strengthen support of the planning work for accommodation of active modes within the City; with key objectives to provide a strategic approach to close existing network gaps that may present limitations for walking and cycling and to document an effective strategy to deliver a more detailed and descriptive Active Transportation Plan, inclusive of a “best practice review” and identifying lead roles and actions. 

The “Active Transportation Plan Development Strategy and Network Gaps Assessment” was completed in 2018 and documents the following:

  • The Active Transportation Plan Development Strategy highlights key actions and identifies “leads” for developing, planning, designing, implementing, operating and maintaining a strong active transportation network. This formalizes the process and activities that will support the City’s completion of a comprehensive Active Transportation Plan.
  • The Gaps Assessment identifies estimated costs for placement of existing typical infrastructure and does not include any value that would be representative of transitioning roadway segments to new design. This documents a prioritization for capital investment to close existing network gaps that will result in improved connectivity and walking and cycling accommodation.

Active Transportation Plan Development Strategy and Gaps Assessment

An update to the Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is anticipated to be completed in 2021 following the update to the Municipal Development Plan (MDP); the “Active Transportation Plan Development Strategy and Network Gaps Assessment” may be used for:

  • Addressing / closing the physical network gaps - following the prioritized listings developed through the completed Network Gaps Assessment with funding requested through project charter ENGS-068 Active Transportation Plan Implementation to design and construct new sidewalk and trail segments.
  • Further development of the Active Transportation Plan - following the actions and deliverables of the Active Transportation Plan Development Strategy to complete the foundational work for a final deliverable Active Transportation Plan.
  • TMP Update with supplemental Active Transportation Plan - pending the completion of the foundational work, integrate a deliverable of the TMP update to develop and formalize an Active Transportation Plan that may be utilized as an overarching guide for all network planning, design, implementation and maintenance for active mode infrastructure.

The ATP will integrate with the Transportation Master PlanComplete Streets Guidelines, Park Master Plans and other related City plans.

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Last edited: November 15, 2019