Erin Ridge Traffic Calming

Thank you to everyone who participated in the public participation opportunities (surveys, open houses) and has provided feedback through the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming evaluation process and Traffic Calming Plan completion. 

The Traffic Calming Plans represent an enhancement of traffic and pedestrian safety and are intended to mitigate issues identified from feedback, as well as the City’s traffic data.

Traffic Calming Plans (Oct 2017)

Your Neighbourhood – Your Road – Your Voice 

The City is moving forward with the implementation of the Traffic Calming Plans. Traffic Calming in Erin Ridge and Erin Ridge North is targeting areas of traffic safety enhancement to address known vehicle speed, intersection safety and pedestrian crossing issues. The plans also align with Safe Journeys to School recommendations and principles near the school locations in both communities. 

Due to scope of work and required resources to implement the full Traffic Calming Plan, the work is tentatively scheduled to be implemented in a phased approach with measures prioritized around:

  • adjacent land use (school/playground zones),
  • recorded vehicle speeds,
  • reported collision history and,
  • resident input.

Construction began in 2018, with the program involving installation of both permanent measures and temporary measures. The temporary measures mimic the potential design of permanent features and are intended to be phased to permanent features through completion of future construction.

2021 Program Update

The planned 2021 work will complete pedestrian crossing improvements from the temporary measures to permanent at the following locations:

  • #135 Erin Ridge Drive
  • Erin Ridge Drive at Everitt Drive (N. Executive Way)
  • Erin Ridge Drive at Eastwood Place
  • Erin Ridge Drive at Eastgate Way
  • Erin Ridge Drive at Eastpark Drive
  • Erin Ridge Drive at Ebony Way
  • Everitt Drive at the Multi-Use Trail (E. Element Drive)
  • Everitt Drive at the Multi-Use Trail (W. Elisa Place)
  • Everitt Drive at E. View Street North
  • Sycamore Avenue at Salisbury Avenue

Work is inclusive of constructing the permanent pedestrian curb extensions and maintaining the necessary signage and pedestrian warning flashers to accompany the redesign of the crossings.

Feedback - Let Us Know

The City would like to hear resident’s comments on the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming work being done or any other information they woudl like to share on traffic safety or mobility in the community.

Please share your feedback and comments by following the link. 

 Further public participation will occur to evaluate measures following construction. Information may be used to validate further installations or provide recommendations for changes or removal of measures. 

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Last edited: May 27, 2021