Grandin Traffic Calming

Traffic calming measures in the Grandin neighbourhood at the Grosvenor Boulevard and Grenfell Avenue intersection, have been in place since fall 2017. The measures were put in place following resident reports of concern at the intersection involving:

  • Driver speed through the intersection (particularly vehicle speed on Grosvenor Boulevard)
  • Pedestrian safety: drivers not yielding to pedestrians
  • Driver awareness of “right of way” through the intersection, to know who must stop or yield

The objective of the temporary measures was to narrow the roadway to influence driver speed and allow for pedestrians to be away from the curb and more visible when waiting to cross the roadway. Pedestrian warning flashers were installed, an oversized stop sign was installed with reflective tape on the stop sign post. Following the placement of the measures for over one-year, further resident engagement occurred in 2019, to capture feedback on the impacts and opinion of the intersection redesign.  From the engagement the following was heard:

  • Roadway (lane widths) was too narrow, which resulted in concerns with turning movements and space between vehicles
  • The measures did not resolve concerns over driver’s awareness of who had the right of way at the intersection
  • Concern over the measures when road conditions are icy / poor
  • Pedestrian visibility was improved with the measures and there is support of the warning flashers placed
  • Still confusion over speed limits transitioning with the neighbourhood speed limit, curve speed on Grosvenor Blvd and school zone (south of the intersection)

From the feedback received, a redesign of the intersection accounts for the concerns and seeks to minimize or remove the issues while addressing what is desired to improve the area.  The following design will be constructed on site (attachment of design). The changes made reflect:

  • The alignment of Grenfell Avenue to Grosvenor Boulevard is changed to become more perpendicular to indicate right of way as a t-intersection
  • Lane widths are not as drastically reduced, however, still narrowed through placement of small islands with separation made between the travel directions instead of putting vehicles closer together by curb extensions
  • Curb extension maintained on the northwest corner to reduce turning speeds from Grosvenor Boulevard on to Grenfell Avenue
  • Pedestrian warning flashers will be maintained

Construction is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2020 on the intersection improvements and anticipated to be completed by September 1, 2020.

Intersection Improvement Layout

Grandin Traffic Calming – Let Us Know

The City would like to hear resident’s comments on the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming work being performed and any further information on traffic safety or mobility through the community. Please use the link to provide feedback. 

Traffic Calming Information Boards

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Last edited: June 8, 2020