Lennox Drive Traffic Calming

Residents of Lennox Drive have engaged with the City over concerns surrounding vehicle speeds and pedestrian safety on the roadway connecting St. Albert Trail to Dawson Road. In 2018, the City worked through the Traffic-Calming process with residents in the area to review traffic-related concerns and investigate opportunities to enhance safety. 

In 2019, temporary measures for pedestrian curb extensions, placement of warning lights at pedestrian crossings and improved signage and road markings were placed in response to the feedback from residents.

Improvements completed included:

  • Road markings to create “through and left turn only” and “right turn only” lanes were installed for westbound traffic on Lennox Drive at Liberton Drive, and a yellow centre line was installed for the length of Lennox Drive from St Albert Trail to Dawson Road.
  • Rapid flashing beacons at two crosswalk locations (Langholm Dr and Liberton Dr)
  • Oversized “stop” signs at Liberton Drive
  • “Stop ahead” signs on Liberton Drive
  • Driver feedback signs (radar signs)

Next Steps

The City will be contacting impacted residents for input regarding the temporary traffic calming measures and the changes that have been implemented. Residents living on and in the direct vicinity of Lennox Drive will be surveyed for feedback; as there is a direct influence of traffic and traffic calming on this group. 

Resident feedback will determine the next steps for constructing permanent traffic calming measures, adjustments to in place measures or removal of the measures themselves. The potential design and construction of permanent roadway or adjustments/removal will be determined once resident engagement has been completed

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Last edited: April 13, 2022