Residential Parking Permit

Residential Permit Parking is a service provided to support residents in the vicinity of specified types of development that may be influenced by demands for on-street parking. The permitted parking system uses a physical permit for on-street parking and seeks to mitigate non-resident use during specific periods of time.

Not all roadways are candidates for the implementation of Residential Permit Parking, as the intent of the program is to minimize the conflict of on-street parking demand between residents and non-residents. The program is not intended to assign private on-street parking to residents, address parking conflicts between neighbours, or address small-scale issues such as noise or potential garbage resulting from negative human behaviours. This program should not be expected to eliminate non-resident or public parking, and it does not guarantee residents an on-street parking space.

Residential Parking Permit Areas

Our Residential Parking Permit map shows where permits are required for on-street parking in St. Albert and allows affected residents to review their property's status and access the appropriate application form.

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Residential Parking Permit Policy

The Residential Permit Parking Policy was approved by Council on November 26, 2018, and acts as an overarching document that establishes guiding principles, responsibilities, and the level of service that will be applied towards permit parking in St Albert. It includes criteria for residential permit parking to be approved and is supported by a Residential Permit Parking Process and Guidelines that document how to enact the Policy.

Residential Permit Parking Policy

Process and Guidelines

The Residential Permit Parking Process and Guidelines provide a uniform and consistent approach for the initiation, assessment, public engagement and implementation of Residential Permit Parking.

Within the Process and Guidelines, residents may find:

  • Conditions/requirements for the implementation of permit parking
  • Steps involved for applying Residential Permit Parking, including Assessment, Approval and Implementation
  • Steps involved for applying for actual permits, information for “special” requests for parking needs, and how residents may apply to be removed from the permit parking program
  • Timelines and conditions of permit parking
  • Templates of letters, information and documents of the Residential Permit Parking program

Residents who believe there are consistent and constant negative impacts in their area due to non-resident parking should first review the Process and Guidelines and confirm that permit parking may be applied to the area (their location(s) meet the requirements of the Guidelines), then follow the Process to initiate an application to have Residential Permit Parking applied to the street.

Residential Permit Parking Process and Guidelines

Application Forms

Apply or remove Residential Permit Parking on my street

Apply for an individual Residential Parking Permit

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