New Pedestrian Markings

The City of St. Albert is installing a new enhanced form of pedestrian road markings to increase the visibility of pedestrian crosswalks and enhance their overall safety. This pilot project will take place at four locations throughout St. Albert.

The new line markings will include a zebra bar-style marking within two parallel lines on either side of the crosswalk. Rather than solely using the traditional white zebra bar, the City will be using a custom fluorescent yellow colour that matches the colour of St. Albert’s pedestrian crossing signs in conjunction with the standard white zebra bar. The City has received positive feedback from the community on the improved visibility of the fluorescent yellow pedestrian signs and wanted to pilot the colour on a larger scale. 

A freshly painted crosswalk

Pilot Project

The pilot project, which is being evaluated throughout the 2015/2016 school year, is taking place at four locations throughout St. Albert: 

  • Hogan Road at North Ridge Drive/Dartmouth Crescent
  • Akins Drive at Arbor Crescent (south)
  • Lennox Drive at Liberton Drive
  • St. Albert Trail at McKenney Avenue and St. Albert Trail and Lennox Drive

Installation of the pedestrian crossings is taking place on August 24 and is expected to be completed by August 28 (weather permitting). Lane closures are occurring as work is being performed, and traffic will be diverted by a flag person around the work zones.

The City encourages residents and road users to provide feedback on the new pedestrian road markings over the coming school year. Particularly, we want to understand better whether:

  • Do you notice a difference in vehicles stopping and yielding to you as a pedestrian?
  • Do you feel safer with this style of crossing?
  • As a driver, do you recognize the crossing from a further distance?

Input on the pilot project can be sent to Dean Schick, Transportation Manager, All feedback received between September 2015, and June 2016 will be used to evaluate the new style of crossing and its contribution to traffic safety.

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Last edited: November 15, 2019