Pedestrian Criss Cross

A new type of crosswalk was piloted on Perron Street to further enhance pedestrian safety. The crosswalk, called a Pedestrian Criss Cross, is located at the intersection of Perron Street and St. Anne Street. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the pilot project and provided feedback through the survey. Over the coming weeks, City staff will evaluate the outcomes from the pilot project including: intersection levels of service and delay, collision history, safety concerns, and public feedback from the survey. A decision on whether to keep the pedestrian criss-cross will be determined in October. 

How It Works

This special type of crosswalk separates pedestrian and vehicle movements by stopping vehicles in all four directions while pedestrians cross the street in any direction they choose – even diagonally. 

The Pedestrian Criss Cross pilot was in response to safety concerns the City has received from pedestrians regarding near misses or drivers failing to appropriately yield to pedestrians at this intersection. The goal is to enhance pedestrian safety and prevent any incidents from occurring at this downtown intersection which has a higher volume of pedestrians. 

The Pedestrian Criss Cross is also part of the overall pedestrian improvements for Perron Street, which includes the construction of pedestrian curb extensions and the installation of rectangular rapid flashing beacons at the intersections of St. Michael and St. Thomas Streets.


  • Pedestrians must push the Walk Button to activate the Walk Symbol; otherwise it will not come on. 
  • Wait for the Walk Symbol to come on BEFORE entering the crosswalk. 
  • Once Walk Symbol lights up, cross the road in any direction (parallel to the road or at an angle). 


  • Motorists are allowed to go forward or turn left or right on a green light only. 
  • All vehicles must stop on a red light. No turns, including right-hand turns, are permitted on red. 


Last edited: November 13, 2019