Whistle Cessation

In 2016, City Council approved the Whistle Cessation Bylaw, which will regulate train whistles in St. Albert; however, individual at-grade crossings identified within the bylaw will not come into effect for Whistle Cessation until approved by the rail operator.

What is Whistle Cessation?

Whistle Cessation means the rail operator (CN) will not proactively apply the train whistle in advance of each at-grade crossing; at approved sites.

Safety Features

The City and CN have collaborated to address safety initiatives required to meet updated Transport Canada Grade Crossing Standards.

The City has completed a variety of corridor and at-grade crossing safety improvements; including installation of crossing arms, warning lights, audio warning systems, signage and road markings and placement of rail corridor fencing.

On September 7, 2021, CN formally approved Whistle Cessation at four rail crossings along the CN Sangudo Line:

  • LeClair Way
  • Levassuer Road 
  • McKenney Avenue 
  • Ray Gibbon Drive

The rail operator will no longer proactively apply the train whistle in advance of these at-grade crossings. However, in the event of a conflict or safety concern they will use the whistle and give notice of the train’s presence.

Next Steps

There are four at-grade crossing sites that require further review by CN before Whistle Cessation is approved. These sites include:

  • Riel Drive 
  • Meadowview Drive 
    • Riel Drive and Meadowview Drive Crossings: Work is occurring to address concerns of conflict of road users of commercial or recreational facility accesses / exits that are in close proximity to the rail crossings. 
  • Range Road 260 
  • Township Road 540A 
    • Range Road 260 and Township Road 540A: Consideration of at-grade crossing improvements will occur as development advances adjacent to the road segments and crossing improvements will be coordinated with roadway improvements.

As improvements are made to individual sites, the City will apply for the applicable crossing(s) to have Whistle Cessation approved.


CN Public Inquiry Line
If you have any questions regarding noise, train whistling, general property maintenance etc., please contact CN’s public inquiry line with any non-emergency concerns at 1-888-888-5909 or email contact@cn.ca.

CN Police
If you have a concern related to an emergency on any CN railway please call CN Police at 1-800-465-9239

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Last edited: April 25, 2022