Active Transportation Strategy

Supporting walking and cycling

Within the Municipal Development Plan (MDP), Flourish, under the goal of Mobility Choices, a key principle is to have an active transportation network that encourages more people to walk or cycle (and other forms of self-propelled travel) for everyday transportation. The policies established to meet this principle generally align towards:

  • Supporting a multi-modal network through consideration of infrastructure to support all modes of travel.
  • Prioritizing safety, accessibility and connectivity, inclusive of regional connectivity.

The current Transportation Master Plan (TMP) completed in 2015 incorporates active transportation and resulted in the subsequent completion of the Active Transportation Plan Development Strategy and Network Gaps Assessment, which:

  • Highlights key actions and identifies “leads” for developing, planning, designing, implementing, operating and maintaining a strong, active transportation network.
  • Identifies current missing segments of a sidewalk or trail that leave a “gap” in network connectivity, along with estimated costs for placement of standard infrastructure.


Active Transportation Strategy and Gaps Assessment (8 MB)

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