Villeneuve Road

The Project

The long-term function of Villeneuve Road will be that of a Connector roadway, providing direct connectivity to Hogan Road and St Albert Trail and secondary connectivity (via routes such as Hogan Road) to Giroux Road and Fowler Way (future roadway). 

Villeneuve Road work will deliver intersection and access improvements to St. Albert communities Jensen Lakes, Deer Ridge, North Ridge and City Badger lands. Trail and sidewalks will be installed and streetlighting, stormwater management, utility placement and landscaping will be addressed.  

Any Villeneuve Road closures will be coordinated with planned work on the North St. Albert Trail Phase 1 project to maintain access to sites and best efforts will be made to minimize construction disruption and impact to our residents.  

Where possible, work will be aligned with other capital projects such as Ray Gibbon Drive widening (Phase 4) and Fowler Way. 


St. Albert’s 2009 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) forecasted a need for the development of a new major arterial road corridor in the northwest area of the city that would provide access to future development and connectivity for the transportation network. A recommendation within the plan was a new roadway that followed an alignment off of Villeneuve Road, from approximately Hogan Road to the northeast city limit at St. Albert Trail. Because the new roadway focused around newly annexed areas and was subject to growth, it was determined that the future roadway would be further investigated in the next update of the TMP (planned for 2014). 

During the 2015 TMP work, a specific Study and supplemental public engagement occurred surrounding Villeneuve Road and the new future roadway (now known as Fowler Way). The Study investigated alignment, function and conceptual design considerations to ensure connectivity and forecasted network needs. The results of the Villeneuve Road Study were final recommendations associated with maintaining Villeneuve Road and redesigning it to improve accommodation for all modes of travel.  

Villeneuve Road Study Final Report 

The 2015 TMP recognizes the realignment of a portion of Villeneuve Road, as well as the creation of the new arterial roadway called Fowler Way. These two roadway alignments will provide access to future development, connect to the City's transportation network to accommodate additional traffic, and will be designed to the City's Complete Streets Design Guidelines to accommodate all modes, abilities and ages.   

The delivery of the two roadway projects (Fowler Way and Villeneuve Road), have been separated into two capital projects, with both captured within the City’s 10-year Capital Plan and each in various stages of completion. 

Villeneuve Road Timeline 

Improvements are planned in a phased, multi-year approach beginning in 2022 to 2028/2029.  

The following is a proposed schedule, which will be subject to budget approvals, development demands and schedules of other influential capital projects.  

This project page will be updated accordingly on a regular basis.  

Villeneuve Road Improvements (With Phases)

  1. Jensen Lakes connection (Jensen Gate) to Villeneuve Road across from Dennison Drive: Now Open.
    • Note: This intersection will require a closure following its anticipated opening for priority Villeneuve Road improvements which may be scheduled for construction in July 2022. Onsite notification will take place. Further schedule updates will be provided once the construction schedule is finalized.  
  2. North St Albert Trail Phase 1: Work will progress and is planned for completion in 2022, inclusive of scope of work on Villeneuve Road west of St. Albert Trail to the commercial accesses (Walmart). This work will result in temporary closures through 2022.
    • Further schedule updates will be provided once the construction schedule is finalized. 
  3. Villeneuve Road Phase 1: (Budget Approved) West commercial access (Walmart) to Dennison Dr/Jensen Gate is planned for 2022/2023 
    • Within Phase 1 work is the priority of improving the Villeneuve Road at Dennison Drive and new Jensen Gate intersection. Work will involve reconstructing the intersection to a roundabout and will require temporary closures. 
  4. Villeneuve Road Phase 2: Dennison Dr/Jensen Gate to Hogan Road – planned for 2023. 
    • This phase will involve reconstructing the intersection of Villeneuve Road at Hogan Road to a roundabout and will require temporary closures. 
  5. Villeneuve Road Phase 3: Hogan Road to Ray Gibbon Drive planned for completion with Ray Gibbon Drive Phase 4 and Fowler Way projects in 2028/2029.  
    • Design work for the Ray Gibbon to Fowler transition and intersection is in progress and may be different than the long-term interchange alignment shown within the Villeneuve Road Improvements (With Phases) PDF.  
    • Portions of Villeneuve may be required to service land, however, it is anticipated that Villeneuve will not connect on the east side of Ray Gibbon. 
  6. Villeneuve Road Phase 4: (Conditional) This segment of Villeneuve Road, located west of Hogan Road (between the City Badger Lands and Nouveau Development) that proposes connectivity between Villeneuve Road to Fowler Way is subject to development and resulting access requirements that will be confirmed via a Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) for any final development considerations on the City’s land.  

Project Status

Work is advancing and planned for the east side of Villeneuve Road in vicinity of the commercial accesses with the North St Albert Trail Phase 1 project.

Construction is anticipated to begin in May 2022, and work to be completed on this phase in September 2022. 

Roadway map of Villeneuve road

Road Detours:

A planned detour will take place on the Dennison Drive intersection in late June/July 2022.

View the Detour Map for the Villeneuve Road; Dennison Drive Intersection

Phases Overview:  

Phase 1: Design from March to May 2022, with anticipated construction to commence on the Villeneuve Road at Dennison Drive/Jensen Gate intersection in July 2022. This phase is anticipated to be completed in 2022/2023, with the intersection being the priority for completion in 2022. 

Phase 2: Preliminary design completed in 2022 to allow for possible construction to advance in 2023, with a priority of improvement of the Villeneuve Road at Hogan Road intersection. 

Phase 3: Preliminary design completed in 2022, that will be used to inform on the Villeneuve Road connectivity and closures with Ray Gibbon Drive. Construction is anticipated for completion with Ray Gibbon Drive Phase 4 improvements and Fowler Way construction (2028/2029). Concepts of the west Villeneuve Road segment and Ray Gibbon Drive, Fowler Way intersection work will be shared here as completed. 

Phase 4: The portion of Villeneuve Road connecting from Villeneuve Road (west of Hogan Road) to Fowler Way is conditional upon confirmation of development servicing demands and will be designed and delivered at such time the road segment is required. No current plans nor dates of delivery. 

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Last edited: May 30, 2022