Villeneuve Road

St. Albert’s 2009 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) forecasted a need for the development of a major arterial road corridor in the northwest area of the city that would provide access to future development and connectivity for the transportation network. A recommendation within the plan was a new roadway that followed an alignment from Hogan Road to the northeast city limit at St. Albert Trail, which would act as an alignment of the existing east-west arterial road Villeneuve Road.

As the new proposed road focused around newly annexed areas and growth, the City determined at that time, that the future of the road should be incorporated into the 2014 Transportation Master Plan Update as the City would be in a better position to understand how the areas would be developing and how the road(s) would fit into the overall transportation system. 

During the 2014 TMP work, a specific Study and supplemental public engagement occurred surrounding Villeneuve Road and future alignment, function and conceptual design considerations to ensure connectivity and address network needs. The results of the Villeneuve Road Study were final recommendations associated with maintaining Villeneuve Road, reclassifying the roadway’s function and designing the roadway to improve accommodation for all modes of travel. 

Villeneuve Road Study Final Report (12 MB)

In September 2015, in alignment with approval of the TMP, St. Albert City Council approved a realignment of a portion of Villeneuve Road, as well as the creation of a new major road (arterial) in north St. Albert called Fowler Way. These two roadway alignments will provide access to future development, connect to the City's transportation network to accommodate additional traffic, and will be designed to the City's Complete Streets Design Guidelines to accommodate all modes, abilities and ages.  

The final alignment of Villeneuve Road was used to inform work performed in 2018 for the Functional Study of Fowler Way (15 MB). The Villeneuve Road Study and its recommedations are also being utilized for all community and network planning.

In 2018, a Functional Planning Study was completed for the new arterial roadway, Fowler Way. Fowler Way design and construction work is planned within the City’s 10-Year Capital Plan; with preliminary permitting and design work occurring from 2019 to 2022, detailed design tentatively scheduled for 2023, and construction proposed in 2025. These timelines and activities are subject to change based on network demands, development impacts, and annual budget approval. 

Adjustments to the section of Villeneuve Road between Hogan Road and St. Albert Trail will follow upon completion of Fowler Way. Villeneuve Road is currently within the 10-Year Capital Plan, with projected design work beginning in 2024 and potential construction in 2026. These timelines are subject to change pending network demands, development impacts, and annual budget approvals. 

Last edited: November 15, 2019