Utilities Master Plan

The Utility Master Plan Update is a critical planning document used by the city to identify existing infrastructure improvements required to maintain levels of services as well as the infrastructure required to support growth for the next 10 to 15 years. It focuses on storm, water and sanitary infrastructure. It was approved by Council in June 2014.

The plan has been updated to reflect:

  • new environmental regulations and standards;
  • new modelling and data analysis information based on the most recent weather patterns;
  • new population forecasts and land uses; and
  • completed capital projects that were recommended in the 2008 Utility Master Plan.

Urban Development Institute has requested an additional month to review the document and provide meaningful feedback. Administration is proposing to bring required changes to the Growth section back to Council in August 2014 for amendment, if required.

The Utility Master Plan supports and complements the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and provides the foundation for subsequent engineering design briefs required of developers in support of their Area Structure Plans (ASP).

**Please note: the following pages have been updated as of June 2014.

  • Page 3.33 - Catchment areas updated (Table 3.26)
  • Page 3.34 - Catchment areas updated (Table 3.27)
  • Page 3.39, 3.40, 3.42 - Net developable area update (Table 3.29, 3.30, 3.31)
  • Updated figures to reflect changes in catchment areas: Figure E.8
  • Updated figures to reflect changes in catchment areas: 3.3-1, 3.3-2, 3.3-3, 3.3-4, 3.3-5, 3.3-6.

2014 Utility Master Plan Documents (updated)

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