A comprehensive, city-wide plan

As a long-term plan, Flourish: Growing to 100K contains a growth strategy and planned urban structure that shape the physical growth of the city. The Plan’s goals, policies, and strategic directions complement the growth strategy, taking a holistic approach that integrates the City’s environmental, economic, social, and cultural aspirations. Residents, property owners, businesses, community groups and other stakeholders can look to Flourish for changes they can expect in the years to come.


Flourish: Why do we need to grow?

This introductory video outlines why St. Albert needs a visionary development plan to prepare for future opportunities and promote long-term sustainability for our community.

Kids play road hockey during the Snowflake Festival

Introduction & Context ›

The Plan integrates the City’s environmental, economic, social, and cultural aspirations.

An aerial view of St. Albert Place and downtown St. Albert in winter

Urban Structure ›

St. Albert's structure will evolve as new neighbourhoods and employment areas are developed

A bird's-eye view of the Oakmont and Kingswood neighbourhoods along the Sturgeon River

City-Wide Policies ›

Guiding growth and change through supporting policy in nine areas of focus

A group discusses aspects of the MDP at a workshop

Implementation ›

This part outlines the partnerships, collaboration opportunities, strategies, and tools that will be used to implement its policies and realize its...

A map showing priority growth areas

Flourish Maps ›

Maps serving as key reference documents for the Plan's goals and policies

An aerial view of a new neighbourhood in Erin Ridge North

Land Use & Development ›

St. Albert’s growing population requires new places to live, work, gather, and socialize.

About this version

The City of St. Albert is offering this web-based version of the official Flourish document as an accessibility enhancement for an important, foundational document guiding the planning of the municipality. The shift of medium from print to the web has introduced a number of presentational changes aimed at improving ease of use and it should be noted that, wherever differences exist, the print document supersedes this version in all regulatory matters.