Land Use & Development

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

– Nelson Henderson, Canadian Pioneer

St. Albert’s growing population requires new places to live, work, gather, and socialize. The policies in this section guide land use and development, according to the land use designations on Map 3: Urban Structure and General Land Use. Together, Map 3 and the policies guide the preparation of, and updates to, Area Structure Plans, Area Redevelopment Plans, and development guidelines. The policies also guide amendments to the City’s Land Use Bylaw, which is the ultimate and more detailed tool regulating land use.

In addition to land use, the policies in this section address built form and other site-planning matters. Future development should be planned holistically, with careful regard for surrounding areas and the public realm. Given the relationships between development and other elements of the city, landowners, city builders, and residents referring to the following policies should also be familiar with the complementary city-wide policies. The policies in this chapter support, complement, and help implement city-wide policies.

Document Note

Section numberings are provided here to ensure that all stated policies match those from the official print document.

Topics in this section

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