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City of St.Albert
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Planning & Development

The Planning Branch manages land use in the City, including long-range planning and forecasting, reviewing subdivision applications, formulating land use plans and policies, and conducting public consultations on proposed land use changes. The Branch also provides mapping and addressing functions, and Affordable Housing initiatives.

The Development Branch administers the permitting and compliance certificate process as well as ensuring building and renovation design meets the high-quality standards expected in the City of St. Albert.

Planning Primer

Land use planning impacts how we experience our city and our revised Planning Primer will help you learn why and how change occurs in St. Albert. The Planning Primer explains the types of planning documents, the roles of Administration and Council, the types of considerations used in the evaluation and approval processes. You’ll also learn how to get involved in these planning processes. 

Planning Primer

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Documents & Plans
Planning Applications & Forms
Planning Initiatives
Public Hearings & Open Houses
Subdividing Property
New Facility Predictive Model

Last edited: September 13, 2018

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