Signs with a Digital Display

Regulations and Information

The City of St. Albert has regulations regarding signs with a Digital Display. Three sign types may contain a digital display, including Billboards, Freestanding signs, and Fascia signs. For complete regulations, please refer to Land Use Bylaw 9/2005 Schedule C - Sign Regulations.

For Transportation Branch (Engineering) requirements please refer to the Digital Display Guidelines Road Safety Assessments.

The Development Permit Application Checklist outlines all the information necessary to formally accept, evaluate, and provide a decision on an application. Applications and materials submitted must be clear, legible, and precise (sketches are not acceptable). Only applications that are deemed complete will be accepted.

Only applications that are deemed complete will be processed.

A complete application package must include:

  1. Digital Display Development Permit Application
  2. Digital Display Development Permit Application Checklist
  3. Owner’s Authorization Form
  4. Credit Card Authorization Form
  5. Payment of applicable Development Fees, as per Master Rates Schedule "E"
  6. Two (2) paper copies of all required plans and drawings.
  7. USB or CD with complete set of electronic permit drawings.

Note that email submissions are not accepted at this time.

The Development Officer may require additional plans and information considered necessary to properly evaluate the proposed development, as per Section 3.3(4) of Land Use Bylaw 9/2005.

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Last edited: August 17, 2020