General Sign Regulations

Regulations include:

  • No sign shall be constructed or located such that it could be confused with or detract from a traffic control device or any other municipal sign or municipal device.
  • No sign shall be constructed or located such that it interferes with the safe movement of pedestrians, motor vehicles or the sightlines required under any bylaws (i.e. Traffic Bylaw 18/2005).
  • The company or person responsible for the placement of a sign must get development permit approval before placing a sign on a site.
  • Signs cannot contain an intermittent or flashing light source.

No signs may be placed on Public Property except:

  • Municipal Signs
  • Garage Sale Signs*
  • Open House Signs*
  • Election Signs*

* Only temporarily

Signs on Public Property cannot:

  • Interfere with, be confused with, detract from or be placed on a Traffic Control Device
  • Be placed within five metres of a fire hydrant or emergency use equipment
  • Interfere with sightlines near roadways
  • Interfere with the movement of pedestrians and/or vehicles
  • Be placed on a road or median
  • Be placed on/within a vehicle/trailer (unless it is classified as a motor vehicle sign)
  • Be placed within 30.5 metres of any intersection

St. Albert's Traffic Bylaw 18/2005 deals with the placement of signs on public and/or City property. If a sign located on public property is found to be in contravention of Traffic Bylaw 18/2005, it may be seized by Municipal Enforcement Services and subject to a penalty of $150 for each offence or sign.

If you have a concern with signs located on public property, please contact Municipal Enforcement Services at 780-458-4300.

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Last edited: November 10, 2019