Area Structure Plans

Frameworks for Neighbourhoods and Business Areas

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) allows municipalities to plan a framework for neighbourhoods and business areas through two types of planning documents, an Area Structure Plan and an Area Redevelopment Plan. These two plans are similar in that they designate land uses, layout pedestrian and vehicular circulation routes, provide for opportunities to assign population densities and identify utility servicing needs for the area in question.

The main difference between the two types of plans is that Area Structure Plans provide a framework for the build-out of new development areas, whereas Area Redevelopment Plans concentrate on the rehabilitation and improvement of areas that are currently developed.

Most neighbourhoods in the City have Area Structure Plans, especially those developed in the last 20 years. Also, there are two areas in the City within the boundaries of an Area Redevelopment Plan. Below this paragraph is a link to a map that shows all of the Area Structure Plans and Area Redevelopment Plans located within the City limits, as well as each of the adopted documents associated with each area.

ARP and ASP Documents

Area Structure Plans Index Map

Akinsdale South ASP - Bylaw 25/90

Campbell Business Park North ASP - Bylaw 18/91

Campbell Industrial Park South ASP - Bylaw 39/80

Cherot ASP - Bylaw 24/2013

Deer Ridge Park ASP - Bylaw 3/96

Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan - Bylaw 5/2010

Erin Ridge ASP - Bylaw 8/96

Erin Ridge North ASP - Bylaw 33/2009

Grandin Park ARP - Bylaw 24/83

Heritage Lakes ASP - Bylaw 35/90

Inglewood ASP - Bylaw 30/85

Jensen Lakes ASP - Bylaw 1/2014

Lacombe Park ASP - Bylaw 24/2003

North Ridge ASP - Bylaw 4/2015

Oakmont ASP - Bylaw 12/97

Pineview II / Kingswood ASP - Bylaw 15/96

Riverside ASP (Formerly Timberlea) 

South Riel ASP - Bylaw 27/2015

Ville Giroux ASP - Bylaw 7/2012

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