Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is a document that is adopted by City Council that manages development within the City limits. The LUB covers a wide range of development regulations, including:

  • Establishing the development permit process and the process for redistricting (rezoning) and LUB text amendments;
  • Regulates the size and use of land and buildings;
  • Classifies land use districts (zones) and determines minimum development standards for each of these districts;
  • Determines the appropriate permitted and discretionary uses for each land use district.

In order to determine what land use district applies to your property, you first need to locate your property on the Land Use Bylaw District Maps.

The Listed Uses By District matrix shows permitted and discretionary land uses for all districts.  The matrix is a summary and is for information only, because the Land Use Bylaw 9/2005 is amended frequently.  Always refer to the bylaw to verify uses and rules.

What is a Redistricting Application?

A redistricting application is a request by a property owner or applicant to change the land use district for a given property. As the Land Use Bylaw District Maps are part of the Land Use Bylaw, this requires a public hearing and adoption of a new bylaw by City Council.

Because all of the City's statutory plans must be in accordance with each other, an amendment to the Intermunicipal Development Plan, Municipal Development Plan and an Area Redevelopment or Area Structure Plan may be necessary. For complete details, please contact the Planning & Development department regarding your specific project.

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    Last edited: September 7, 2021