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Backyard Hens

Please note: this is currently ONLY a pilot project as hens are not permitted under the Animal Control Bylaw 11/2013. The future of hen keeping in St. Albert will be determined at the end of the pilot once a decision has been made by Council in fall 2018. 

Pilot Program

The City is implementing a one-year pilot project for backyard hens. The goal is to provide selected residents with the opportunity to participate and learn from this pilot. Selected households must be committed to the requirements of the pilot program. The City will be using the outcomes of the resident involvement, data, and other findings to determine the future of hens in St. Albert.

The City received three complete applications during the application process. As per Council direction, these residents will inform the pilot program. All have participated in the educational hen-keeping training and have fulfilled their final steps by working with the City to finalize their hen coops and obtain their Premise Identification Numbers from the province.

The third and final inspection for participating households has been completed. The breeds that the participating households are raising include Orpington, Speckled Sussex and Silkie. Two hens passed away since the last inspection in December; however, all others are healthy. Egg production slowed down over the winter months, but is expected to pick up again as the weather warms up. All coops have been kept in clean condition through proper disposal of waste and changing of bedding. No concerns were raised from neighbours.  

Anticipated Timeline

Date Information
February 2017 Applications opened.
March 2017 Completed applications were due March 6, 2017. Due to the limited number of applications, the City gathered findings from the application process. 
April 2017 Council directed Administration to run the pilot program with residents who completed applications by original application date. 
May/June 2017 Pilot project begins. 
August 2017 City Inspection #1
December 2017 City Inspection #2 
April 2018 City Inspection #3
May/June 2018 Pilot project to be completed. 
October 2018 Administration to prepare report and present to Council.


For More Information:

Tracy Tsui or Lenore Mitchell
Planning Branch
City of St. Albert

Last edited: May 7, 2018

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