Solar Collectors

Did You Know: Solar Collectors, also known as solar panels, are now part of the City’s Land Use Bylaw? The Bylaw provides the regulations for mounting the collectors on roofs and walls within St. Albert. The only requirement is that a building and electrical permit must be obtained, and the installation is compliant with the Alberta Building Code and Canadian Electrical Code. 

Land Use Bylaw
See section 6.24 under Part 06 / General Definitions


Land Use Bylaw Amendments

At the February 16, 2016, Council meeting, St. Albert City Council approved the following amendments:

  • Solar collector definition – a non-reflective accessory structure attached to a building, used to collect sunlight that is part of a system used to convert radiant energy from the sun into thermal or electrical energy.
  • A solar collector is considered part of a building for the purpose of measuring building height; and
  • A development permit is not required should the installed solar collector comply with the appropriate General Regulations which prescribe that solar collectors be located on the wall or roof of a building located in all Land Use Districts. 

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Energy from the sun, one of the most widely used renewable resources, provides a consistent source of solar power throughout the year.
  • The sun’s energy can be collected and stored and then used to heat homes and water.
  • Solar Energy benefits individual owners, as well as the environment, and supports the City’s Environmental Master Plan goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Help reduce energy bills
    • Reduces the vulnerability to unexpected jumps in energy prices
    • Improves health and quality of life by reducing air, land and water pollution in our community and surrounding area
    • Reduces St. Albert’s contribution to climate change
    • Contributes to St. Albert’s and Alberta’s reputation as environmental stewards.

For more information on the advantages of solar energy, view the City of St. Albert's local action plan for Energy Conservation and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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Last edited: December 9, 2019