Major Statutory Plans

Municipal Development Plan

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is required by the Municipal Government Act (MGA). It is a long-range planning policy document that guides future growth and development. Originally approved in 2000, CityPlan is the Municipal Development Plan currently in effect for St. Albert.  Policy areas in CityPlan include population and growth management; housing and neighbourhood design; economic activities and development; parks, recreation and schools; environmental management; transportation and infrastructure; social, health and protective services and intermunicipal and regional cooperation and planning.

Municipal Development Plan / CityPlan

The City is embarking on an exciting new initiative! Flourish: Growing to 100K will shape how the city grows and develops to a population of 100,000, resulting in a new Municipal Development Plan. Once this Municipal Development Plan is approved, it will take the place of CityPlan mentioned above. 

Your input is essential! Learn how you can get involved in the Municipal Development Plan creation process.

Municipal Development Plan / Flourish: Growing to 100K

Intermunicipal Development Plan

The Intermunicipal Development Plan, approved by both Sturgeon County and the City of St. Albert in 2001 to outline a coordinated and cooperative framework for managing the use and development of lands adjacent to the boundary of St. Albert, within Sturgeon County, was repealed by Sturgeon County in June 2010. However, the City of St. Albert continues to refer to IDP Bylaw 7/2001 for plan and development referrals as it contains a level of detail to guide intermunicipal planning that is not contained in the Capital Region Board Growth Plan or Sturgeon County’s Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw.

Intermunicipal Development Plan

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