22 St. Thomas Street Development

On Dec. 6, 2021, Council directed Administration to execute an agreement with Homeland Housing for sale of City-owned land at 22 St. Thomas Street. Homeland Housing is the City’s not-for-profit housing management body responsible for the delivery of Provincial housing programs and services in St. Albert. This collaboration will use the value of the land as the City’s contribution to the project, achieving critical criteria necessary to align with Federal and Provincial funding programs. 

Image of an aerial view of downtown St. Albert overlooking 22 St. Thomas Street.

Image description: Proposed Location Site for 22 St. Thomas Street.

The land will be used for the purpose of building and operating a mixed-income, residential and commercial development, providing rental accommodation for families, singles and seniors close to existing amenities. The development may provide new opportunities for retail and commercial businesses downtown. 

The proposed development reflects the City’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity by providing residents with accessible and sustainable rental housing choices through a long-term not-for-profit model. 

The agreement is anticipated to return to Council in early summer. 

Long Term Vision for Downtown 

The long-term vision for downtown has been established and approved through the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP).  While the 22 St. Thomas Street site has been vacant throughout the City’s recorded development history, it has been consistently shown as a future development site within the City’s MDP and Area Redevelopment Plan documents. 

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Last edited: May 13, 2022