Subdivision Regulations

Application for Subdivision

The Municipal Government Act (Section 653), in accordance with the Subdivision and Development Regulations (Section 4), outlines the requirements for the application of a subdivision.

A completed application form consists of an application form, a proposed plan of subdivision, a copy of the current land title for the land that is the subject of the application, and other information as may be required.

Other information requirements are addressed in Section 4(5) of the Subdivision and Development Regulations and may be required to support the application.

The application must be made by the owner of the land in question or by a person acting on the owner's behalf. As per Section 653(2) of the Act, a form can be provided upon which consent can be requested to carry out an inspection.

Subdivision Application Circulation

The Municipal Government Act (Section 653(3)) and the Subdivision and Development Regulations (Section 5) defines a process for the referral of subdivision applications to other government agencies that have an interest in the application. Also, section 653(4) stipulates the requirements for adjacent neighbour notification.

Subdivision Review

Sections 652-660 of the Municipal Government Act specify the parameters upon which subdivision should occur.

Section 654 specifies that a subdivision authority must not approve an application for subdivision approval unless:

  1. the land that is proposed to be subdivided, in the opinion of the subdivision authority, suitable for the purpose for which the subdivision is intended;
  2. the proposed subdivision conforms to the provisions of any statutory plan and, subject to subsection (2), any land use by-law that affects the land proposed to be subdivided;
  3. the proposed subdivision complies with this part and the regulations under this part;
  4. all property taxes on the land proposed to be subdivided have been paid to the municipality where the land is located, or arrangements satisfactory to the municipality have been made of the payment pursuant to Part 10.

These provisions establish the principle that for a parcel to be subdivided, it must be able to be developed. The Land Use By-law, in conjunction with the Subdivision and Development Regulations, are the primary mechanisms to determine if a parcel is, in fact, able to be developed and therefore subdivided. Section 7 of the Regulation defines the considerations that a subdivision authority must consider with respect to the land that is subject to an application.

Subdivision Registration Regulations

Section 657(1) of the Act provides that within one year of approval, appeal decision or discontinuation of an appeal, an applicant must submit the plan of subdivision or another instrument that effects the subdivision for registration.

If the plan is not submitted within that time frame, the plan is void but can be extended by Council before or after the void date.

Application for the Time Extension Policy

Section 681(1) of The Municipal Government Act provides that if a subdivision authority fails or refuses to decide on an application for subdivision approval within the time frame prescribed by the subdivision and development regulations, the applicant may, within 14 days after expiration of the time prescribed:

  1. treat the application as refused and appeal it in accordance with Section 678, or
  2. enter into an agreement with the subdivision authority to extend the time prescribed in the subdivision and development regulations."

Section 6 of The Subdivision and Development Regulations notes that a subdivision and development authority must decide within 60 days from the receipt of a completed application.

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