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Purchasing Services

The City of St. Albert purchases more than eighty million dollars of goods, services, and construction annually. The primary objective of the Purchasing Branch is to ensure that purchases made by the City are at the lowest possible overall price in consideration of quality, availability, and other criteria relevant to the procurement while ensuring that the process is conducted fairly and transparently.

The purchasing model employed by the City of St. Albert is a decentralized approach to the acquisition of goods and services. While many purchases are handled directly by the Purchasing Branch, all other City departments are also authorized to conduct their purchasing activities. The Purchasing Branch manages most capital equipment purchases and commodity contracts while Planning & Engineering is responsible for most construction, renovation, and maintenance-related acquisitions.

Building Relationships

The City does not maintain a central, formal vendor registry, so to do business with the City of St. Albert, you must make yourself known to the department(s) most likely to require your goods/services. While we do try to keep current with the vendor community, it is in your best interest to keep us informed of the nature of your business and how your goods/services may be of value to us.

Available Methods

Contact the Purchasing Branch

If you’re in doubt as to who to contact at the City, it’s always best to start with Purchasing. We can advise you if your firm’s products/services are typically required by the City and, if so, who best to contact.

Contact the User Department Directly

If you’re familiar with the operations of the City, then you are welcome to contact the Manager or Director of the user department directly.

Check the Media

All significant purchases are posted on the City’s website, major capital purchases are typically posted to the Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) website, and construction requirements are usually advertised on both APC and with the Edmonton Construction Association.

For Contractors

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Last edited: May 13, 2021