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2021-2023 Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair Services



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This tender is for the removal of approximately 9,600 previously identified trip hazard
locations over a three (3) year period throughout the City of St. Albert and will generally
include the following:
i) Mobilization and Demobilization
ii) Precision Cutting of sidewalk trip hazards only No other methods of rehabilitation will be
iii) Provide dust control during performance of work
iv) Provide Environmental protection as required
v) Complete site clean- up daily
vi) Ensure all debris is disposed of or recycled daily, as required
vii) Maintain a safe and secure work site.
viii) Providing a monthly report of completed hazard locations
ix) Providing an end of year/season report of all completed locations
For the purposes of this procurement process, the “ITT Contact” shall be: Chadwick Paddick,
Project Manager at Email:

Posted: April 30, 2021


Tuesday, May 18, 2021
at 2:00:00 pm


Chad Paddick
Project Manager,
Engineering Services