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Request for Proposal for Detailed Design Services – Fountain Park Recreation Centre Lifecycle Repairs



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Opportunity Description:

The City of St. Albert is requesting proposals from qualified, licensed and professional
consulting firms to provide a detailed building design services to assist with lifecycle
repair work for Fountain Park Recreation Centre (FPRC).
Fountain Park Recreation Centre is a key piece of the City of St. Albert’s building
Fountain Park Recreation Centre was constructed in 1978. It is one of the City’s core
recreational facilities with three swimming pools, a multipurpose court, meeting rooms
and a children’s playground. The facility houses numerous recreational programs
scheduled throughout the year.
In September 2018, a preliminary City of St. Albert building condition assessment was
completed for a majority of municipal buildings including FPRC. A further detailed
lifecycle replacement and feasibility study of FPRC was complete in 2020. At the
conclusion of the detailed study a report summarizing the scopes of work required for
detailed design was provided.
As part of this project, it is requested that full detailed design services be completed for
listed items. A list of items earmarked for this project are included in section 5.0 but
generally are related to building mechanical, fire suppression systems, structural,
vestibule additions, electrical systems, building envelope, civil works & landscaping,
interior upgrades and pool systems as needed.
The successful consultant will be responsible to produce final detailed design packages
by December 31, 2021.
At this time, it is the City’s intentions to stage the construction work at FPRC over
multiple years in an effort to minimize disruptions to users of the facility as well as taking
budget considerations into account.
Consultant to assist in developing a phasing schedule for construction that is acceptable
to the City to minimize disruption and expected to assist administration in developing a
memo on the rationalization of that phasing plan as well to be included in the
construction tender.
As a Deleteable Option the consultant shall provide costs for subsequent phases of the
project including Tendering & Procurement Support, Construction Administration and
Post Construction Services. Any fees prescribed for Deletable options will be held for
until the work is complete. Page 3
Tentatively, the plan would be to release separate tender packages as follows:
1. Winter 2021 (Construction in 2022) – Building Mechanical, Fire
Suppression System, Structural and Vestibule Addition upgrades as
2. Winter 2023 (Construction in 2024) – Electrical Systems, Building
Envelope, Civil Works & Landscaping, Interior Upgrades and Pool system
upgrades as needed.
In total the estimated costs for the design and construction work is between
$10,000,000 and $11,000,000.

Posted: April 13, 2021


Thursday, May 13, 2021
at 2:00:00 pm


Karsen Zwiers
Project Manager,
Engineering Services