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City of St.Albert
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Smart City Priorities

St. Albert is a one of Canada's leading Smart Cities. 

The City boasts an innovative strategy, its Smart City Master Plan, which sets out a vision of how the community can grow as a Smart City – a place that fosters innovation and collaboration, applies new technologies and data, generates municipal efficiencies, improves service delivery, and supports economic growth.  

St. Albert has completed dozens of valuable Smart City projects, leads the Alberta Smart City Alliance, and has won several awards for its efforts - including recent recognition by the Intelligent Community Forum as one of world's 21 smartest / most intelligent cities.

Follow the links above and below for more information about St. Albert's Smart City efforts.

Section Links
St. Albert's Smart City Master Plan
What Are St. Albert's Smart City Projects?
What is a "Smart City"?
St. Albert's Advantage and Recognition
How Can I Engage or Learn More?

Last edited: September 5, 2018

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