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City of St.Albert

St. Albert’s Advantage and Recognition

As the Botanical Arts City, St. Albert is a vibrant community, renowned for its lifestyle and commitment to excellence.

Home to over 63,000 connected residents, this safe, prosperous and beautiful city has been ranked as one of the best places to live and do business in Canada on an annual basis. With this reputation combined with a Smart City strategy, St. Albert offers tremendous opportunity.

Consider a community that offers a variety of benefits to residents and business investors:

  • forward-thinking elected and administrative officials dedicated to collaboration and efficient municipal government;
  • direct connection to major transportation networks and facilities (including regional and international airports, rail connections, major highway corridors, etc.);
  • proximity to multiple leading academic institutions and the centre of Alberta’s government;
  • amazing parks and trail systems that contribute to a high local quality of life;
  • abundant land for residential and non-residential development;
  • a thriving arts and culture community, with well developed human capital (including a strong ‘creative class’);
  • commitment to Open Government, including Open Data, that is expected to contribute to business commercialization opportunities, more efficient logistics, and better customer intelligence.

The City of St. Albert is eager to showcase its advantages and continue to expand the value it offers to its residents and businesses.

Awards and Recognition

St. Albert and its officials have been the subject of tremendous recognition and numerous awards for its Smart City efforts.  For more, see St. Albert's Smart City awards and recognition.

More Information

For more information on St. Albert's Smart City efforts or its investment potential, please contact us or the City's Economic Development team.

Last edited: May 24, 2017

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