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City of St.Albert

Alberta Smart City Alliance

One of the primary ways St. Albert engages others is through the Alberta Smart City Alliance.  St. Albert collaborates with IBM Canada, Cisco Systems, the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), the City of Edmonton, the City of Calgary, and the University of Alberta to lead this unique collaboration, focused on innovative technological and data-based solutions to many of the complex issues facing Alberta municipalities.  

The Alliance aims to:

  • support a new knowledge network and cross-sector collaboration in Alberta;
  • foster greater awareness of Smart City applications, available technologies, and best practices through events, research, blogs, news, social media, and collaboration; and
  • provide a forum for members to accelerate the identification, development and market application of innovative solutions.

The Alliance has grown to hundreds of members across Alberta, including city leaders, other governments, regional and international corporations, associations, and academic innovators.  For more information on the Alliance, to attend one of its exciting events, to review its materials, or to become a member, visit the Alberta Smart City Alliance website or contact

More Information

For more information on St. Albert's involvement in the Alberta Smart City Alliance, please contact

Last edited: March 5, 2019

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