Completed Projects

St. Albert has a strong Smart City foundation. A variety of Smart City initiatives have been completed by the City and its partners, including the following:

SectionExisting Service
Community Well-beingNew online activity and facility booking for recreational and physical fitness facilities and programs 
Community Well-beingAutomated defibrillators with voice prompt instructions within public buildings 
Cultural RichnessRecreation & Public Art mobile applications and event guides 
EducationStructured programs for all residents, including literacy, digital literacy and even digital creativity through the “makerspace” program  
Great PlacesCultural online map to show the location of public art and other cultural amenities. QR codes are displayed on public art to provide additional information to visitors 
Green EnvironmentSolar panels on Transit Centre and other buildings to generate power 
Government ServicesA mobile application, See Click Fix, that residents can use to identify required community and neighbourhood repairs and issues 
Government ServicesCommunicate municipal open data sets and related information through an online open data portal and facility-based displays 
Housing VarietyUpdated Residential Districts in the Land Use Bylaw provide more opportunities for development industry innovation in housing forms 
Mobility ChoicesComplete Streets Guidelines 
Mobility ChoicesEquip transit and emergency vehicles with technologies to facilitate adaptive priority at local intersections 
Smart InfrastructureAccelerate the development of a municipal fibre-optic broadband network that will connect current and future facilities and other assets 
Smart InfrastructureSupervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) for water utilities, which monitors and controls the water system to ensure reliable service  
Vibrant DowntownInnovative redevelopment to offer additional retail outlets and commercial space (e.g. Grandin Mall site) 
Waste ManagementSolid waste diversion system to reduce the volume of waste through recycling and composting programs (see section 5.3 Waste Management in Smart City 2.0 Master Plan) 

MoRe Information

View the Smart City Update 2.0 for further information on completed projects as well as current and future opportunities. 

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Last edited: December 6, 2019