Current and Future Projects



Current Status

Implement new booking and record keeping case management system to improve mental health services (awareness, education and counselling) Planned
Planning for CRTC mandated next generation digital 911 services and technologies Identified, must be in place by end 2022
Pilot a community forest, which are trees and bushes intentionally planted to provide food (e.g. apples, berries, etc.) supported by online maps and benefitting local food banks Pilots identified within the Urban Forest Management Plan
Examine technology to support aging-in-place, (e.g. broadband networks, medical telemetry) Identified as high potential. Consider pilot projects and partnerships with existing developers
Government ServicesStreamline and digitally transform paper-based HR administration and payroll processes In Progress
Government ServicesImprove the ease and convenience of interacting with the City through expanded e-services and mobile options, within and across City programs and services In Progress
Government ServicesImplement electronic building permit and development application processes Identified, plan for 2021 business case
Mobility ChoicesIntelligent Transportation System (ITS) with adaptive signals (e.g. Central Monitoring Systems, Permanent Count Stations, Road Weather Information System (RWIS) stations and Adaptive Signal technology) In Progress
Mobility ChoicesOffer real-time transit service notification tools, electronic fare payment, and on-board convenience technologies  In Progress
(Regional Smart Fare)
Robust EconomyAttract businesses focused on emergent sectors in technology and innovation amenable to the region and City  In Progress
Smart InfrastructureImprove infrastructure asset and maintenance management software, including the condition assessment and long-term capital planning models Planned
Waste Management Investigate alternative waste disposal options (e.g. waste to energy)In Progress

Smart City Master Plan

For a full picture of St. Albert's Smart City strategies and future plans, check out the Smart City Update 2.0

Municipal Drone Program

For information on "Bud", the City's unmanned aerial vehicle, check out the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Information

More Information

For more information on St. Albert's Smart City efforts, please contact us

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Last edited: December 11, 2019