UAV Safety

Safety Comes First

Safety comes first when operating the UAV within St. Albert. The City’s operators are trained by Elevated Robotic Systems and follow strict guidelines for the safe operation of the UAV. Training included:

  • aerodynamics
  • air law and regulations
  • communications
  • weather and basic UAS 101, and
  • aviation charts and flight supplements.

Following the classroom sessions, City staff received field training that included radio communication, safety checks, recordkeeping and automated flight programming.

Each flight plan has a team of three or more people:

  1. A UAV Operator – sole operator of UAV during manual operations
  2. A Ground Supervisor – mission lead and point of contact for emergencies
  3. An Observer/Spotter – maintain visual contact of UAV and advise if UAV loses course

The City may include additional personnel at any time.

Team members will ensure proper maintenance of the UAV and perform all pre-flight checks and post-operation reports.

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Last edited: January 29, 2021