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City of St.Albert

Pilot Scale Waste to Energy Plant


Alberta Purchasing Connection
Posted:Monday, July 29, 2019
Closing:Tuesday, October 15, 2019 by 02:00:00 pm
Contact: Michelle Shatula, Procurement Specialist
Purchasing Services, City of St. Albert
Phone:780-459-1755 (ext. 3045)
Web Link:Read the Opportunity Notice ›

This tender is for the supply of one (1) pilot-scale waste to energy plant to be utilized to test the viability within the City of St. Albert framework for one-year of operation, and to provide foundation work in the creation of a long-term collaborative ecosystem. The tender should include all ancillary components to run, operate, sort, and manage the waste (feedstock) to be delivered to the site.

The program is intended to provide an opportunity for a manufacturer to work collaboratively with the City to test their technology on municipal waste, with varied feedstock compositions and moisture contents throughout all four seasons. The intention of the pilot plant would be to convert the landfilled potion of waste into a useable form of energy (heat and/or electricity). The output of the plant needs to be indicated within the specifications.

The program is intended to be set up as a joint venture between the supplier and the City, to optimize a technology while both parties receive benefit.

Compliant units shall provide all detailed shop drawings, specifications, feedstock requirements/limitations, etc. Any required ancillary components required to manage feedstock, waste output, or energy output of any shelter requirements should be considered as a component of the contract.

Specifications/requirements shall be considered as a minimum for this tender. Materials and workmanship shall be of the highest grade, free of all defects or imperfections affecting performance. Exceptions must be stated in your bid. Please provide as a supplementary to any submitted bid operational and maintenance protocols associated with the technology.

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